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When Women Lead.

God values the heart over the head! It's the power of character, not productivity. Society often pushes women to focus on doing more, but God wants us to look within and embrace our spirituality - what better example is there than Proverbs 31? True faith brings true bloom, so let your inner qualities shape how you act in life.

Loving God & Serving others in Life Disappointments

No matter how devastating life's disappointments may be, God has a way of helping us cope and love Him through it all. From the minor frustrations of lost car keys or burned roasts to heart-wrenching letdowns from friends & family - our expectations don't always pan out as we hope. Thankfully though, with a Biblical perspective on this topic and insight into His Word – He provides solace in even our greatest despair!


How submissive are you?

It's time to reexamine our understanding of submission and abandon the harmful, shallow ideas we've held in their place. Over 50 years ago, even churches were appalled at what is now considered acceptable female roles - but how did this happen? Let us reclaim not just our daughters' identities but also a God-given power that has too long been overlooked: that of true biblical submission.


What’s In Your Heart?

Our innermost sins often stem from our own worship and adoration. We've all heard the saying "we are our biggest critics," - but what most of us don't realize is that because we put ourselves on a pedestal, whatever sinful desires come out will pander to this self-worship. As Mark 7:21-23 and Jeremiah 17:9 tell us – it's coming straight from the heart in which lies deceitful things beyond comprehension!


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